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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


1.         *Kelly Smith and family: chocolate    ***skip until contact***

2.         Zach and Sarah: female, chocolate variety, smooth    ***waiting for 2022***

3.         Teagan Hammond: male     ***waiting***

4.         Shayla: 15 lb black or chocolate     ***waiting for 2022***

5.         Len and Pat Benes: medium/larger black male    ***wait until further notice***

6.         Lauren Elyea: boy, sweet, merle, straighter hair, other colors optional    ***wait until further notice***

7.         John Brothers: any    Chloe and Preston  ***waiting***        

8.         Jim and Emily Molitor: female, Luna or Dunkin  ***waiting***   

9.         S. Dingman: female:     Chloe and Preston 

10.       Sarah and Paul Rehbein: female    ***wait until further notice***

11.       Christy and Dennis Gonzalez: female, phantom, black, chocolate, <#15

12.       Austin Crouchman and Garrett Loy: male, apricot    

13.       Susan Goecker: female     ***waiting just got puppy***

14.       Michael Archer and family: female, white     ***waiting***

15.       Terry and Jerry Matlen: larger   ***waiting for 2022 or later***

16.       Beth McPike: blue eyes

17.       Phil and Maddie Berry: male red, apricot, chocolate    ***waiting for 2022

18.       Nina Spitznogle:

19.       Alycea: open 

20.       Wyckoff family: male black or parti

21.       Slingerland: male, blonde/apricot 

22.       Reams family: maybe female, maybe buff or parti   ***waiting 2022***

23.       Ginny Young: female

24.       Dolly Breed: female

25.       Geneva Yarbro: male apricot 

26.       Dymond Devost: female, chocolate, chocolate merle, apricot

27.       Brad Fuller:     ***waiting*** Chloe and Preston

28.       B &B Conrad: female merle

29.       Diane Ingram: Smoothie, girl

30.       Jessica DiMeo: girl

31.       Kristine Freeman: girl

32.       Kim D: black, phantom, merle , tuxedo

33.       Karen & Janet Metzger: female, apricot "Gidget"

34.       Kristina Pendill 

35.       R. Bozarth

36.       D&K Snead: male apricot/white flexible

37.       Gabriella & Micah Krueger: boy

38.       Mark and Karen Dixon: male Chance baby

39.       Kelli Hardy

40.       The Ski family: apricot female march or after

41,       Goyita and Cayden: 25-30# prefer a female, not solid black or solid brown





Chloe's Waiting list (standard)

1.         Kip and Stephanie Whitehead: light    ***WAITING***

2.         Brad Fuller  ***WAITING***

3.         John Brothers  ***WAITING***

4.         Sarah Dingman  


How it works: 

Once you place a non-refundable deposit, you are on the waiting list. When the puppies are 5 weeks old I go to the waiting list and in order, you have the option to choose a puppy from the current litter or move to the next litter. You will never lose your place in line, you will only move up as the people e in front of you choose their puppies. Heavenly Cockapoos reserves the right to keep up to 2 puppies from any litter to help replenish our breeding stock. (This is not common, but CAN happen.) Getting on the list is the best way to secure a puppy from us.